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We will be open 7 days a week, offering classes throughout the day to fit any schedule.

You can come early before work or fit in a strong workout at lunch.  Drop the kids off at school and meet up for a sweat session or swing by on the way home from work. No excuses...just results.

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The Workout

Sweat woman after a workout

The method?  The intention of each workout is to challenge all muscle groups using slow resistance moves with fast transitions that result in a high intensity, low impact workout.  


In just 45 minutes, you will experience a unique total body workout that incorporates cardio, endurance, strength, and flexibility.  


 Regardless of your fitness experience, Rebel Kore Fitness will strengthen and sculpt your body, in ways other methods fail to. You will shake, you will sweat and you will see results!

The Classes

Total Body 45


Experience the shake and burn on the XFormer®.  This carefully designed fitness machine offers an industry leading, high intensity, low impact method that will give you the ultimate total body workout. Each class is a unique routine of carefully planned moves to target your core, obliques, arms, and legs.  Using constant tension, a slow tempo and fast transitions, you will increase your heart rate, burn calories and strengthen and tone your muscles.

Cardio X45


Cardio X45 combines the resistance training of the XFormer®  with the cardio benefits of the Assault® AirRunner treadmill. This hybrid method offers a whole new level of fitness.  The Assault® AirRunner is a premier running machine that burns more calories than a traditional treadmill and is designed for a low impact running experience.  Paired with the XFormer®, this HIIT class will shred and sculpt your body and leave you shaking!

First Time? What to Expect...

Please read and understand our studio policies, terms and conditions before booking a class.  

We want this to be a fun experience but being a first timer can always be intimidating.  Don't worry!  We all have been there and welcome you.  To make your first visit more enjoyable please note the following.

Please arrive 15 minutes before class.  This allows the instructor time to introduce you to the machine and allow them to answer any questions you may have.

Bring grip socks! It is mandatory that all clients wear grip socks. No exceptions. We do sell a variety of socks for $18.

For Cardio X45 class bring running shoes for the treadmill portion.  During the short transition time to the XFormer® you will be able to remove them for the remainder of class.

Bring a water bottle.  You will sweat.  We do offer gym towels but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

If you have no experience with this method, that is okay but expect to be a little confused.  You may not understand all the cues and terms during class, but be assured, your instructor will be there to assist you.  Be patient with yourself, you will feel the difference and see results.

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